NMIBC treatment update: medac plans stable production of BCG-medac in the medium term

  Wedel, Germany (2023-03-10) Over the course of 2023 and 2024, medac GmbH plans to be in a position to successively supply all markets with an existing BCG-medac marketing authorisation and currently inactive marketing status with the immunotherapy product for the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). This step has been made possible through […]

Nordic grant for research or projects focusing on stem cell transplantation

medac announces a Nordic grant for research or projects focusing on stem cell transplantation to support Nordic resident physicians and specialists within hematology. Clinical projects within allogenic or autologous stem cell transplantation are eligible. Research/projects involving one or more of the Nordic countries will be prioritized. Applications should be submitted before September 1st, 2023, to […]

medac GmbH create one Nordic organisation

1.3.2022 medac GmbH has decided to consolidate and strengthen its operations in the Nordic countries by creating one Nordic organisation.

Liina salminen medac Urology Grant 2021

Lääkeyhtiö medac myönsi merkittävän apurahan suomalaistutkijalle virtsarakon syövän tutkimukseen

15.2.2022 Nordic medac Urology Grant -apuraha oli haettavana ensimmäistä kertaa vuonna 2021. Pohjoismaisen 10 000 euron apurahan on saanut suomalainen lääketieteen tohtori Liina Salminen post doc -tutkimustyönsä tueksi. Salmisen tutkimusprojektissa selvitetään uusia tapoja virtsarakon syövän diagnosoimiseen ja hoidon tehon seurantaan.

News – Nordic medac Urology Grant

22.01.2021 Medac´s intention with this grant is to support Nordic resident physicians and/or specialists within urology with interest in research and development.