Medac statement regarding the coronavirus COVID-19:

25.3.2020 At this moment in time, and after consultation of the competent authorities, we do not foresee any interruptions in production and therefore no supply shortages for our medicinal products because of the coronavirus COVID-19. We support this by a prevention program and our purchasing and production strategy: medac has prepared itself carefully to protect employees and supply […]

Press release – First marketing authorisation worldwide for methotrexate in moderate psoriasis

Medac’s marketing authorisation extension gives many patients with psoriasis access to guidelines-based MTX therapy for the first time. Click here to view full Press release

Press release – Results of phase III study with Treosulfan, EMA approval pending

Highly effective with reduced toxicity – Treosulfan-based regimen is a promising new conditioning therapy for MDS and AML Click here to view full Press release  

Press release – Medac Finland – 10-years anniversary symposium

Enhancing the potential of methotrexate. Optimise  rheumatism  treatment  in  Finland  with  Metoject®   PEN   and ensure long-term success of therapy Helsinki / Wedel (September 21, 2017). There is room for improvement in drug treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with the gold standard methotrexate (MTX). Current analyses of the FIN-ERA cohort suggest that Finnish rheumatology exploits the […]

Press release – Medac at the EADV 2017

Methotrexate for psoriasis: effective, safe, favourable. Medac with recent data on subcutaneous methotrexate from METOP study at the EADV in Geneva. Geneva / Wedel (September 15, 2017). Methotrexate (MTX) is the most frequently used conventional systemic drug in the treatment of psoriasis. With over 50 years of successful experience in this setting, it is no […]